About Typing Master Pro

TypingMaster Typing Test is a free and comprehensive typing skill application for the Windows platform.

You can start using warm-up typing games, then you can continue to test your typing skills with one of the included test texts, or if you want to practice writing something specific, you can also add yours.

Once your tests are complete, you can view the history of your results and print diplomas if you wish.

Key features include :

Learn to type on the keyboard.

Interactive training with a personal approach.

Real time measurement.

Analysis of the problem

Training suggestions

Form difficult keys.

Form difficult words.

Enter the statistics.

TypingMaster Typing Test is good software that can adapt to your unique needs.

The app provides over 10 hours of personalized exercises to guide you step by step to the professional keyboard, and the author suggests that your typing speed could be doubled or even tripled using the TypingMaster Typing Test.

The training adapts to your personal progress and the application can identify your weaknesses and then offer you personalized exercises.

In general, TypingMaster Typing Test is good at what it does.

He has well structured exercises and, if followed, will help him improve his writing skills.

The downside is that the interface looks a bit tired and isn’t very intuitive.

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