About TeamSpeak Client 3.5.3 (32-Bit)

Create a virtual identity and connect to a server to chat with your friends using this convenient and powerful VoIP app

TeamSpeak Client is a voice chat application that allows you to easily communicate with your friends through a channel. The impressive voice quality, the noise reduction implemented in the latest version, as well as the possibilities to adjust the microphone parameters in order to acquire the best sound make it the software of choice in Voice over IP communications.

Carefully adjust microphone settings

Setting it up is very simple because TeamSpeak Client is probably one of the best organized

And best documented software ever. It offers information, advice and explanations every step of the way.

Once the installation is complete, you will be presented with a configuration wizard. Adjusting the initial parameters is therefore not rocket science. The next step is to test your microphone by adjusting the level of your voice (TeamSpeak Client takes into account background sounds, whispers,

And breathing), and optionally assign keyboard shortcuts to enable microphone mute and the speaker cut-off.

Tips are offered every step of the way. For example, when you choose your nickname, the software tells you that this is only to display your identity, and in no way tied to a username (which is usually permanent in other similar software).

Choose how and when to talk

Voice activation or push-to-talk detection can be enabled, so that the software automatically recognizes your voice and displays your nickname to other users, or waits for your command to do so. What you need to do next is connect to a server and start chatting with your friends.

The menus that populate the main window allow you to create bookmarks, manage permissions (for servers and channels), organize contacts, access file transfers or record conversations.

To end with

In conclusion, TeamSpeak Client is one of the easiest and most customizable VoIP chat software we’ve got our hands on. By creating unique identities, TeamSpeak Client protects your privacy no matter which channel you use.

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