About Slack 4.8.0 (32-Bit)

Exchange information with colleagues and collaborate on projects, keep group files handy and post group announcements with this simple chat tool

Teams from all companies must be connected to the workplace, not only through the exchange of information, but also through files.

Nowadays, this often determines the success of a business,

So it’s understandable that you want your employees to be able to communicate effectively.

With Slack, a lightweight and fairly simple to understand messaging app,

You can do just that and more, as it provides you with all of the communication features and functions that can keep the workflow going.

Quick and intuitive configuration

In terms of initial configuration, after the quick and trouble-free installation,

The tool launches automatically and you will have to enter your team’s domain or define one if it does not already exist.

Subsequently, accounts can be created and all employees with an e-mail address in the same domain can register and

Confirm their address, then log in and start exchanging information.

Encourage teams to work together and share information or files

As a cross-platform application, Slack can be used from mobile phones, tablets, iOS devices and Mac computers,

As well as from the web browser, as you only need to specify the account credentials to connect you.

The “Team Directory” will display all members while, in the left panel, you can find the available “Channels” and “Private Groups”, or create new ones.

At the same time, you can display the colleagues available for “direct messages”.

In the “All files” section, you can find the documents that have been shared by team members, on different channels,

Allowing you to leave comments.

Likewise, you can download files yourself, finding them in the “Your files” area.

In addition, Slack supports integration with several popular cloud storage services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive,

Allowing large files to be exchanged without problems.

A flexible messaging tool for teams and colleagues

Overall, Slack is proving to be a useful utility that companies can use to help teammates collaborate on a common project more easily and on the go, regardless of location or device.

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