About Search Everything 1.4.1 Build 988 (64-Bit) Portable

Everything is a search utility that instantly locates files and folders by filename in the Windows operating system.

But, unlike the Windows search function, Everything will initially display all of the files and folders on your computer.

Anyone can quickly locate any file and folder by name on an NTFS volume.

Just type in a search filter to limit the files and folders displayed and voila!

Your search retrieves everything in these parameters.

After installing and running the application for the first time, Everything creates an index of the names of each file and folder in the volume from the file metadata in the NTFS master file table.

Since all mounted NTFS volumes are indexed, the application continually updates it from the NTFS changelog.

Then, all search this index for file names that match their search terms and parameters.

The only drawback to using everything is that since it is based on the changelog, everything can only search for NTFS volumes, therefore it cannot be used to locate files on a USB stick, for example.

In general, Everything is a small, intelligent utility that barely uses memory or processor time to operate efficiently.

The interface is based on a standard browser window and users of all levels can familiarize themselves.

It’s very simple.

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