About ProgDVB Professional 7.32.5 (32-Bit)

Lets you watch a long list of TV channels from around the world, add them to favorites, adjust the appearance of the stream and support multiple devices

Whether you prefer action movies, soap operas, entertainment shows or sporting events, television can provide it all – and you are no longer limited to watching these programs on a television because you can use your computer as a replacement . In other words, by using specialized software,

You can enjoy your favorite TV shows on your PC, and one of those applications is ProgDVB.

Configuration and complex devices supported

During installation, the software allows you to configure several of its parameters, but if you are not sure of their meaning, you can simply use the default selections and modify them later (from the parameters panel),

After you are familiar with the functionality of the application.

ProgDVB can be used to process TV input, whatever device you have: digital TV device, Internet TV or radio, IPTV, analog TV device,

And it can also recognize your remote control (HID or Microsoft RC, as well than WinLirc).

Familiar interface and adding items to favorites

The interface is well organized, but fairly typical, as it consists of a menu bar, several buttons and a panel in which to display the video stream.

If you choose TV or Internet radio, you can easily explore all the stations available, from the country you prefer. Needless to say, the video and audio quality depends on the strength of your Internet connection.

To make sure you easily locate any channel, you can rename the title or add it to the favorites list,

Accessing it with just a click of the mouse.

Schedule jobs and adjust appearance settings

In addition to playing a TV channel, ProgDVB allows you to use the scheduler for predefined tasks, including recording,

Switching channels or closing the application, as well as stopping, hibernating and putting the PC to sleep.

The Options window is where you can change the brightness, contrast,

And saturation levels of the video for all channels, as well as the audio codec settings or delay.


To sum up, ProgDVB offers you the appropriate tool to enjoy the TV channels on your own computer, and if you have a stable and fast Internet connection,

Your TV may become obsolete and no longer necessary to keep you entertained. The performance of the computer will not be affected in any way and the response time is quite good.

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