About PowerDVD 20 Build 1519

Play DVD movies and locally stored videos and organize your movie collection using this intuitive and visually appealing software

As for movies, they come in a wide variety of formats, quality settings and disc players. With the help of appropriate apps, you don’t have to worry about compatibility or quality issues. PowerDVD is an all-in-one software solution designed to play all multimedia files on your computer, including videos, music and photos.

Visually attractive and user-friendly interface

The application installation process takes time due to the wide range of components it contains.

The interface is well organized and very modern, each main function being organized in colored tabs. Once users open media files, PowerDVD activates the controls at the bottom of the main window, allowing them to play, pause, stop, or repeat playback.

An all-in-one multimedia station

Besides the fact that the program has the power to open each multimedia file, it can also process Blu-ray videos with support for CPU / GPU hardware acceleration, so the video quality will be exceptional.

In addition, PowerDVD comes with many other benefits, including a tool called “ instant search ” to find a certain movie scene on a DVD, a slideshow photo viewer, as well as dedicated tools to organize and play the music stored on your computer.

Stay connected with the world

Last but not least, the app also includes a YouTube player, allowing you to search for clips on the popular video sharing web service and play them on your local computer. Social media is further enhanced with a separate viewer for Facebook and Flickr photos as well as with MoovieLive support for information on movies wherever you are. Some of the key features include VR mode, TV mode, motion pictures, music master and multimedia streaming.

Supports a wide variety of formats

Regarding the formats supported by PowerDVD, suffice it to say that this powerful application gets along with the majority of photo, video and audio formats on the market, without forgetting that it is a perfect tool for reading content. HD. In addition, it has the ability to work with multiple removable devices, including Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets.

There’s also a settings menu, which we agree could have been a bit more advanced, but the included features should be sufficient for simple playback of local media files.

In conclusion

Overall, PowerDVD is just great and the first thing to prove to you that it’s the general look. It includes a multitude of features, but to discover all of its benefits, you have to try it. It might just turn out to be what you’ve been looking for from the start.

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