About PerfectDisk Pro 14.0 Build 895

Analyze and repair your hard drive or removable storage device in a few clicks using this powerful application

PerfectDisk Professional is a system utility tool that you can use to provide users with disk optimization and space management capabilities. It is also equipped with a defragmentation module and S.M.A.R.T. monitoring for better hardware performance.

Defragment from the start

The software is very simple to install, and towards the end, PerfectDisk offers to check for the latest updates when the program is launched (this is highly recommended).

Once the update is complete, PerfectDisk automatically starts a defragmentation task on your system. It may take a while, but once finished, you have the option of optimizing files and folders.

Doing your work in silence

The processor and memory are moderately used when PerfectDisk does its job, but other processes may experience minor problems and may not function perfectly.

SteathPatrol is a subtle way to get things done. It allows PerfectDisk to operate silently, without causing any system problems (thanks to automatic optimization), while OptiWrite prevents fragmentation without impacting your computer’s performance.

Periodically revitalize your disc drive

Scheduling tasks is also possible (once, daily or weekly), and you can view the results in the PerfectDisk log. The SmartPlacement option monitors and manages data usage patterns so that future fragmentation operations are minimized.

Also suitable for professional environments

In addition, you have the option of defragmenting remote computers by running another copy of PerfectDisk Professional. This option is generally recommended for professional purposes, but users can also benefit from it at home.

New users may have problems with this software, but luckily they have a very well-designed online help file that explains every detail of PerfectDisk.

To finish with

In conclusion, PerfectDisk Professional is an excellent alternative for monitoring your computer’s hardware and increasing its performance level. It allows you to quickly accommodate due to the overall smart design and is equipped with an abundance of features that ensure your computer runs smoothly again.

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