About Norton Security Deluxe

If you spend a lot of time surfing the Internet, you need protection from online threats.

its protects you against a wide variety of malware.

Whether you do online banking, send emails to friends, or chat via instant messaging, your protection is always up to date and up to date.

Key features include :

Fast and light.

Ultra-fast reader analysis time.

Includes protection against spyware.

Minimal impact on performance during games or playing movies.

FREE 24/7 support for each customer by email / chat / phone.

its provides comprehensive antivirus and anti-malware protection.

Total protection for a single device: a PC, Mac, Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

Detects and defends against Internet threats.

Protects your identity and your privacy.

Help protect your home network with a smart firewall.

Easy to use web portal to manage your devices.

Norton Security Deluxe lets you connect to the Internet with confidence on your device.

With a single solution, you can secure up to 5 devices you choose, whether it is a Windows PC, an Apple Mac, an Android or iOS tablet or a smartphone.

So whether you buy on your tablet or pay your bills on your smartphone, it offers online cross-device security to protect you from Internet threats.

It can detect online attacks and defend your PC and Mac against viruses, malware, data loss and identity theft.

It also alerts you to risky websites, unsafe Android apps, and phishing scams.

its includes a promise of 100% virus protection from Symantec.

This means that from the start of your subscription, a Norton expert is available to help protect your device (s) from viruses or reimburse you.

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