About Norton Internet Security

It actively protects you against viruses, spam, identity theft and the dangers of social media and tracks virtually all files on the Internet Norton Internet Security represents

Symantec’s next step in terms of PC security and malware prevention.

For those unfamiliar with Norton, the software utility is designed to prevent, identify, and eliminate files infected with

viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, and other types of malicious traces,

in addition to certain security measures related to online browsing.

The consumption of CPU and RAM is generally low.

It is primarily effective with regard to identified and deleted malicious files, and regularly receives virus definition updates.

Performance and conclusion Thanks to the cloud technology used, Norton Internet Security completes scanning tasks faster than many other av products.

Protection modules designed for the network and the web.

Although less experienced users are likely to get lost in translation when trying to calculate each of our functions,

advanced users will likely find Norton Security useful.

In addition, users are protected from phishing websites whose purpose is to steal transactional data.

Most security modules can be activated and deactivated with a single click,

as well as configured in detail by advanced users.

Norton can prevent spyware from entering the system while monitoring removable media devices and suspicious network locations.

Scan settings for further review The configuration can be customized in detail for Norton Internet Security by defining the scope of the scan, such as compressed files,

rootkits and hidden items, network drives,

heuristic protection, low risk threats, cookies from tracking, analysis planner, signature exclusions.

viruses and files, and soon.

By sharing your look with Norton AntiVirus, the security interface is generally easy to use,

although some of its options could have been better combined.

The application monitors incoming and outgoing messages in email clients,

and also has a personal firewall for network traffic, applications with custom Internet access rules, etc.

Norton guarantees online browsing because it monitors web addresses and notifies users of suspicious or malware-infected links.

Installation and interface Configuring security should be a quick and painless task for any user,

as the tool is not flexible when it comes to selecting components by hand; Everything is installed by default.

All traffic between the computer and other systems can be temporarily blocked,

while intrusion signatures can be customized to transmit any element.

The real-time protection module has all components enabled by default.

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