Description of Mozilla Thunderbird 78.2.1 (64-Bit)

Mozilla Thunderbird is a fully functional, highly functional and secure email client and RSS reader created by Mozilla.

It offers a beautiful and optimized interface for a very powerful mail package and allows you to manage mail efficiently and in style, and Thunderbird also filters spam.

Thunderbird is a sophisticated and very well integrated Bayesian spam filter that removes most spam (after a workout).

Combine these two aspects of Thunderbird and you get a sensitive feature that automatically disinfects (potentially dangerous) HTML code and disables remote images for spam or anything else (worms, viruses) that you classify as incorrect mail.

Although not perfect, a scam sensor detects common tactics used to deceive users.

Mozilla Thunderbird Features :

Mail account setup wizard

Custom Email Addresses

One-click address book

Attachment Reminder

Multi-channel chat

Email with tabs

Search the web

Quick Filter Toolbar

Search tools

Message Archive

Activity manager

Large File Management

Extension Manager

Thunderbird Look & Feel

Smart folders

Robust privacy and no tracking

Phishing Protection

Automated update

Cutting garbage

System requirements and technical details :

Supported operating system: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Pentium IV or higher
RAM: 1 GB of RAM
Hard disk space: 200 MB or more

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