Introducing the Benefits of Microsoft Edge 112.0.1722.46 (32-Bit)

Its resemblance to Google Chrome is quite large, with the exception of the more marked targets of the interface and the less pronounced rounded edges. In terms of memory consumption and CPU usage, it’s pretty even with the same Google Chrome, and it’s that you can barely notice the differences.

Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi or Yandex, these are all different browsers, but they also have a common basis: Chrome. It is an open source project created by Google, and is really the most basic part of the browser, its engine, its basis. Therefore, you can think of Chrome as a modification of Chromium to which Google has added its own specific codecs, plugins, and options.

However, all browsers that use Chromium as a base share some common aspects. For example, everyone can use the same extension catalog, and although some browsers choose to include their own extension stores to have more personal control over what they offer, they can ultimately also install extensions. third.

This popularity of Chromium prompted other companies that were trying to use their own engine for their browsers to surrender. The last one was Mircosoft announcing that they would be using Edge Chromium,

Although there are still other browsers like Firefox that are trying to resist.

Therefore, for convenience, the fact that Edge is passed to Chromium means that you can use Chrome extensions, and many pages optimized for the Google browser will start to be used better in Edge. The two browsers will move from direct competition to single brothers or cousins ??sharing a common base, although Microsoft can still improve it in its own way to stand out.

Microsoft Edge features overview :

Even in its infancy, the new Edge browser is extremely fast.

Microsoft’s redesigned Edge interface is clean and elegant, although it’s not necessarily a major improvement over Chrome.

The home page can be customized with three different models.

Not as resource intensive as Chrome.

Technical details and system requirements :

Supported operating system: Windows 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Pentium IV or higher
Free hard drive space: 200MB or more

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