About Metasploit Pro 4.18.0

It is a versatile and efficient application that prevents data breaking, with real attack scenarios and checks the security organization.

Metasploit Pro is a complete and direct penetration testing solution specially designed for users who need to reduce the risk of data breaches.

It helps them simulate attacks on their network in a secure environment, validate vulnerabilities, verify security controls and mitigation efforts, and manage and organize exposure to phishing.

An intuitive and optimized web interface Once the installation process is complete, Metasploit Pro will open a new window in your default web browser where you can remove false positives from third-party vulnerability scanners and perform penetration testing through a simple interface.

Easy to use wizards are also available to guide you through the process of auditing web applications or effortlessly exploiting vulnerabilities.

Perform penetration testing By accessing the “Quick PenTest” option, you can configure a test that automatically collects all the necessary information on the target network, launches attacks against targets and creates a full report for more detailed analysis.

After specifying the project name and destination addresses, you can easily navigate through tabs such as “Configure Analysis”, “Run Feats” and “Generate Report” to configure all of the options as needed.

The app will immediately check what vulnerabilities really put your data at risk and quickly prioritize any high-risk threats that require your attention.

Password audit, In addition, Metasploit Pro allows you to inspect your network for weak passwords and identify active accounts of former employees.

This way you can change passwords and adjust policy, as well as modify, collect and reproduce credentials.

Given the majority of password listeners available on the market, you are limited to decrypting Windows passwords offline.

However, with the help of this program, you can preview all weak passwords and test them on various network services such as SSH, VNC, and Telnet.

Practical penetration test solution, In conclusion, Metasploit Pro gives you a better overview of all the vulnerabilities and allows you to safely simulate attacks on your network.

In this way, easily reduce the risk of data breaches by auditing web applications and testing your users’ security knowledge.

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