About ManyCam

Smart software application that allows you to use your webcam with multiple instant messaging programs at the same time and apply a wide range of special effects

For anyone who uses multiple instant messaging programs to communicate with friends, using a webcam while chatting on the internet on multiple apps at the same time can be a problem. However, with a tool like Manycam,

You can easily fix this problem.

Work with multiple chat tools and apply special effects

This software solution helps you to use the webcam on multiple chat tools at the same time and, more importantly,

It also allows you to add brilliant effects to the image you broadcast on the internet.

Manycam has a rather nice interface and thanks to the well-thought-out layout,

It can be easily used by both novice and professional users.

It has tons of effects, be it objects you can place on the image, backgrounds, transitions, date and time or drawings. A great feature of Manycam that we found in our testing was its ability to help users customize the camera image by drawing directly on it.

Manage playlists and export options

In order to customize the software settings, you can individually configure the audio and video source options. Another nice addition to the feature list is the support for playlists which you can create by adding videos

That can be broadcast instead of a live webcam feed.

Manycam gives you the ability to take snapshots which can be saved to a user-defined directory,

Configure file naming rules, and apply a delay. Moreover, you can save videos and export them as MP4, AVI or GIF file format.

In a nutshell, Manycam can work with virtually any tool that supports a webcam, it doesn’t matter if we’re thinking of Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Paltalk, Camfrog, AIM and many other instant messaging apps.

A globally reliable webcam utility

All things considered, this utility can prove to be quite useful for anyone who needs to use multiple IMs with

A single webcam and stream the same video and audio to multiple apps. Very powerful feature pack and ease of use recommend Manycam as one of the software solutions worth at least a try.

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