It detects malicious files on your computer and deletes dangerous content, allowing you to run on demand analyzes of important areas of the system or specific files

As the name suggests, Malware Hunter is designed to search and remove potentially dangerous files and components on your computer, keeping it free of viruses and other types of threats.
Fast, complete and customized scans

Upon launch, you will receive a simple interface with clear and accessible options. Malware Hunter does not monitor your computer in real time, but allows you to run fast, complete or custom scans. Therefore, you can use it to analyze certain locations or files that you suspect are infected.

Depending on your choice and the size of the destination location, a scan may take more or less time. In full or fast mode, Malware Hunter addresses areas of the computer that can betray the presence of malware, such as the startup section, common applications or the system registry. Once the analysis is complete, it shows a brief overview in which you can check the number of problems resolved, the scanned and infected files, as well as the duration of the analysis. Compressed files are compatible.
Create white lists and blacklists

For your convenience, Malware Hunter is set to add a new entry in the context menu of the computer to allow fast file scanning.

To reduce the scan time, you may create the so-called “trust and block” lists. As you can imagine, these lists will contain the location of the files that you want Malware Hunter to exclude from scanning or block automatically.
It promises to keep your PC virus free

Malware Hunter aims to provide an easy-to-use but powerful tool in regards to computer security. It offers a fast scan speed and an automatic update of the virus database, so it can handle the latest threats at all times.

Unfortunately, real-time scanning is not available, so it would be better not to use it to replace a permanent antivirus solution.

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