About Google Chrome Canary 82.0.4046.0

Put yourself at the forefront of Chrome to test and use the latest features and tools by configuring it next to the stable output channel

Google Chrome offers several download channels: stable, beta, dev (developer) and canary.

In reverse order (the assembly line is canary, dev, beta, stable),

This means that the web browser goes through four cycles before being released as a final,

Stable version fully accessible to the public.

Users wishing to test the next version of Chrome and preview new features and improvements (although still buggy) can opt for the beta channel.

The beta edition gives an overview of the latest tools while remaining unpolished. The first comments are welcome, even if you are not a developer.

Be at the forefront of Chrome

Since Chrome is based on the Chromium engine and Chromium is open-source,

Developers are encouraged to test development channels and / or Canary, report bugs, and ultimately enlarge and improve Chrome before its release. stable.

Of the four, Google Chrome Canary is the first to receive new features and tools for both developers and first-time users. It is also the most unstable channel, likely not only to crash, but also to fail completely.

However, it is important to know that some of its features may not reach the stable version if tests show that they are defective or simply unsatisfactory.

Can be installed with Chrome Stable side by side

Obviously, Canary is not recommended for regular use. In fact, Google makes it clear that Chrome Canary cannot be set as the default web browser, for this reason.

But, unlike the beta or dev version, the canary channel can be installed and used side by side with the stable edition.

Canary receives daily updates from a bot that automatically compiles and sends the latest structure from the source tree.

This process is not ignored by a human, which is reason enough to explain why it is the most unstable Chrome channel.

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