About Folder Painter 1.2

Change the colors of the folders you use regularly, to find them faster with this simple tool.

Most of the time.

when you need to search for a particular folder on your computer you end up searching for it by searching for its name.

If you think that this practice requires a little more time, and effort than you would like, you can consider using Folder Painter to customize the directories through colors and, therefore you can find what you have to need faster.

Change the color of the folder, an icon in the context menu Configuration is a quick process that involves decompressing.

the file and then install the tool in the context menu.

As you probably hinted, the app doesn’t have an interface, but you can access it by right-clicking on any folder.

The program provides you with dozens of colors, to change the color of the directory icon, mainly green, blue, and red spots.

Despite the simplicity, these colors can act as an indicator of the priority or importance of the data contained.

For example.

you can mark the folder that contains critical data or that you should return with red and less important items with gray.

Changing the color of directory icons can help you organize the type of files stored more efficiently, as it highlights the ones you use regularly.

As you can easily recognize, you no longer have to waste time searching for it through Windows Explorer or trying to remember its name.

You should keep in mind that you can restore the default values ​​at any time, an option that can be useful if you have to finish multiple projects and meet strict deadlines, for example.

It should be mentioned that the tool also comes with CMD support, so feel free to use commands if you find it more convenient.

A practical utility for managing and organizing directories

Without denying that there are many ways to organize data on your computer, Folder Painter can help you get there with a visual cue. Not only can you detect commonly used folders faster, but you can also organize your file more efficiently at the same time.

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