About Far Manager

Make file management a quick and easy process using this powerful and cleverly simple application that is loaded with tons of features

Similar to your room, the computer needs a little cleaning from time to time, even if it just involves moving files and folders.

Far Manager is a comprehensive file manager that basically bundles all the tools you need to browse and manage your files, as well as plugin support to add new functionality.

Simple design makes it easy to use

With a Norton Commander-like interface, FAR is one of the easiest file managers on the market. It is fully customizable and allows users to configure shortcuts for virtually every action via intuitive and simple dialogs.

Also offering mouse support, the app has built-in file viewers and text editors,

But it also lets you open certain formats with Windows default programs.

A wide variety of tools for working with

Of course, it supports file associations for certain user-defined file types and long file names.

It’s no surprise that FAR also offers file highlight colors, file finder, video mode, configurable user menu, folder comparison tools, task lists, display history files and many other benefits.

Use plugins for improved management

One of the best things about FAR is that it supports many plugins so, in addition to those that are already “factory installed”, you can also download and integrate new ones, adding new functionality to the application.

Thanks to plugins, FAR also provides an FTP client, a network browser, a list of processes and a temporary panel,

As well as dedicated tools for performing an advanced comparison and conversion of cases.

On the bright side, this application impresses especially thanks to the great power of personalization that it offers to its users.

You can adjust practically everything, from colors to shortcuts and layout.

To summarize

Overall, there is no doubt that FAR is one of the best file managers on the market. It is light, it supports plugins, its open source and has a multilingual interface. It doesn’t take long to get to know its features. Just awesome.

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