About Eric IDE 20.07

Python and IDE editor that integrates Scintilla editor control, plugin support, debugger, cooperation functions and many other practical features

Eric IDE is complex software designed to function as a cross-platform development environment for Python and Ruby,

Offering users the means to create, modify and improve their programs securely.

The main application window is quite crowded, with several different horizontal and vertical panels that are intended to give users a complete view of their code, allowing them to stay on top of all aspects from a single interface.

These can however be enabled or disabled, depending on the needs of each individual.

Eric IDE’s ribbon displays a wide range of functions and components in two rows,

Allowing users to quickly access the most common tools they work with, at the touch of a button.

The corresponding options can also be found in the different menus of the utility,

Namely “Modify”, “Display”, Start “,” Debug “,” Unittest “,” Multiproject “,” Project “,” Refactoring “,” Extras ”, and many others.

In addition to the most common features, such as highlighting customizable syntax,

Matching braces, code completion, or code tooltips, the app also includes a built-in web browser,

Which can operating in “ Assistant Mode ”, is intended to help users continue their work,

Allowing them to preview their code and modify it if necessary.

The utility provides users with code checkers that automatically determine if there is syntax, style, and errors in the source code.

Eric IDE offers a Python and Ruby debugger, intended to help developers find errors in their code,

Which even includes multi-threaded and multi-process software, allowing users to correct the errors found.

Other features of Eric IDE include task management capabilities, components designed to help users preview Qt forms as well as numerous wizards for regex and Qt dialogs, as well as countless other plugins to which users can resort when developing their code.

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