With DAEMON Tools Lite you can backup your physical CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray discs to “virtual disks” or so-called “disk image” files, which run directly on your hard disk. You can also work with images created by other recording programs! DAEMON Tools Lite supports a variety of image types. Use the CD / DVD image converter to have images of a format in your Image Catalog!

  1. Emulate virtual CD / DVD-ROM / HD DVD and Blu-ray drives

DAEMON Tools Lite [Commercial] allows you to emulate up to 4 virtual CD / DVD drives on your PC. Virtual units will appear in your operating system as real ones. Select a virtual drive and then choose a disk image that you want to mount. Find the virtual drive created with the disk image mounted on My Computer. Start to work! It seems to work with a real drive and a real disk, right? Yes, but it is much faster!

  1. Create a disk image

With DAEMON Tools Lite [Commercial] you can create ISO and MDS image files from original discs inserted in physical CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray drives. Or use images that you have previously created with another program. DAEMON Tools products work with a variety of image types.

Key features

create .iso images, * .mds / *. mdf and * .mdx;
Create up to 4 DT, SCSI or HDD devices;
performs the assembly and disassembly of the image;
supports * .mdx, * .mds / *. mdf, * .iso, * .b5t, * .b6t, * .bwt, * .ccd, * .cdi, * .bin / *. cue, * .ape / * .cue, * .flac / *. cue, * .nrg, * .isz.
It offers a powerful command line interface.

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