About Bootice

Modify the MBR and PBR settings of your computer with various integrated tools such as a partition manager, a UEFI editor, a BCD configurator, etc.

Bootice is a portable utility that allows you to modify, save and restore the MBR (Master Boot Record) and PBR (Partition Boot Record) of local or removable disks. MBR refers to the first sector of a partitioned drive, while PBR implies the part that allows booting.

Manage physical and virtual disks

The application is intended for professional users, but provides a tab-based interface, which makes it easy to handle even by the less experienced. With this tool, you can easily change your MBR / PBR sections to another type. It supports several different boot records, ranging from Grub4DOS, UltralSO or Plop Boot Manager to BOOTMGR or SYSLinux.

In addition to this, Bootice offers you the possibility to backup and restore your boot record. After choosing the boot record type, you can create a BIN file that you can use later as a backup solution.

In addition, this simple application is capable of managing and processing disk image files, such as IMG, IMA or VHD. You can view and process their MBR or PBR sectors. In addition, the software allows you to view and modify the BCD of your system. If desired, you can create a new BCD configuration.

Integrated partition manager

You can also use this application in case you want to erase all the data from your disk, as it can fill it with custom characters to ensure data security. However, the process is irreversible,

So you must be careful not to delete the information or files that you need. Another advantage that this program brings you is the possibility of modifying the Grub4DOS startup file.

Another useful function is the partition manager, which you can use to display a table containing all the partitions on your hard disk, their corresponding file system type,

The number of sectors and the size.

Here you can perform several operations, including activating or hiding a selected partition,

Changing its ID, deleting its drive letter and formatting it.

On a final note

Bootice is a simple but useful application that allows you to easily manage partitions and sectors of your disks, as well as change the structure of partitions in order to efficiently manage your disk space.

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