About Bitnami WordPress Multisite 5.3-0 (64-Bit)

The Bitnami WordPress Multisite stack Bitnami WordPress Multisite Stack provides a one-click installation solution for WordPress Multisite.

Download installers and virtual machines, or run your own multi-site WordPress server in the cloud.

WordPress Multisite is the same software that powers WordPress.com, which allows administrators to host and manage multiple websites from the same WordPress instance.

All of these websites can have unique domain names and can be personalized by their owners, while sharing assets such as themes and add-ons that the server administrator makes available.

Updates from all sites can be sent at the same time, which ensures that they are always safe.

With WordPress Multisite, content creators can still freely publish to the same WordPress interface they know and love, without worrying about updates and backups.

WordPress Multisite is ideal for organizations such as universities, companies, and agencies that need to allow many people to host their own websites while giving overall control to a central administrator.

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