About Bitdefender Total Security (32-Bit)

Anti-theft solution with anti-theft, anti-phishing, firewall, autopilot, rescue mode, intruder detection, ransomware protection, parental controls, limited browser environment, password manager and more With the constant progress of the pirate threat directory, it is imperative that users maintain a high level of protection, thanks to specialized software, which most of the time must cover a wide range of antivirus and related functions.

Bitdefender Total Security is a comprehensive collection of security tools that respond to the most modern threats and their constantly evolving functionality.

Accessible segmentation of functions, based on tabs, which guarantees intuitive operation Although complex threats require complex solutions, the end user does not need to be bothered by complicated approaches.

This aspect has been well treated in this last issue of the program, thanks to a well thought out design which offers quick access to all the available functions by classifying them into four main categories.

Whatever operations are chosen, the analyzes are easy to perform and are always accompanied by an overview of the progress.

In addition, each feature and its subsequent tasks can be enabled or disabled individually, so that users have the opportunity to further refine their security plan.

Improved protection as well as additional features to prevent theft or improve PC performance By digging deeper than the initial quick scan, which is provided by most AVs today, we will discover that Bitdefender Total Security also has dedicated tools to assess the vulnerability of PCs, manage spam, protect directories or even define defense strategies against online threats.

Those who frequently handle financial and payment data can rest assured that the anti-theft features will allow them to “protect their investment”.

And as if all the standard security features weren’t sufficient, a dedicated PC optimization tool will guarantee a clean and agile computer.

Advantages and additional benefits, such as interoperability of devices and operating systems One of the main advantages of Bitdefender Total Security is the fact that, compared to its brothers, namely Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Bitdefender Internet Security, when purchased with a license for Windows, it can also be installed on devices with Mac, iOS or Android bearings With the integrated firewall, absent in the Antivirus Plus version, this program essentially manages to tick all the boxes in terms of modern security and protection against threats.

Proven and proven security suite that always delivers consistent performance and matches newly designed threats The updated version of Bitdefender Total Security does not include major changes; instead, it incorporates tweaks, enhancements, and additional feature packages, which add up to create a “total” and modern security solution.

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