About Baidu Browser 43.23.1007.94

The Baidu browser (formerly Baidu Spark Browser) is based on Chromium, the same engine that runs Google Chrome.

Although the Baidu browser has a standard design, it has some nice features, such as editable masks and a good user interface.

The application has good integration with Facebook, as well as functions to download videos, capture screenshots, download torrents, open the download manager and protect the account.

A useful feature is the sidebar.

This gives you quick access to bookmarks and downloads, a zoom function to enlarge or reduce the page and a widget for Facebook.

However, the really cool feature is the ability to use mouse gestures to perform specific actions, such as closing or opening a new tab, or navigating back and forth.

The downside is that you cannot create new custom gestures.

Key features include :

Media downloader

Doctor Navigator.

Full page screenshots.

Mouse gestures

Account synchronization

The Baidu browser also has great security features.

It comes with an integrated antivirus and adware block.

There is also an additional function, which prevents other applications from changing your existing security and privacy settings.

In general, Baidu Browser is an attractive browser with some nice features, such as gesture commands and the media downloader.

The configuration is very similar to the integration of Chrome and Facebook works very well.

The sidebar is also a useful tool that is not too intrusive.

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