About Avira Total Security Suite

If your security company is Avira, you can try its all-in-one protection tool set, Avira Total Security Suite.

Take advantage of comprehensive antivirus security, privacy protection and system optimization with this all-in-one suite

that helps you protect your computer To protect your computer from infections and improve its performance,

you must install and configure different applications.

A full security suite Although you cannot ignore the configuration process,

Avira Total Security Suite allows you to easily implement three independent Avira tools that

you would otherwise have had to install separately.

In addition, it is available for purchase at a price lower than what you

would pay when purchasing the three products separately.

Enjoy a full security suite Avira Total Security Suite makes it easy to implement three different Avira products and offers the latest technology to help protect your computer and prevent malware attacks.

Avira Free Antivirus also comes with scanning scheduling and reporting capabilities.

The suite consists of an antivirus (Avira Free Antivirus, upgradable to Pro edition), Avira System Speedup to improve

the performance of your system and Avira Phantom VPN to help you anonymize your Internet connection.

Monitor and improve system performance Avira System Speedup can assess the performance of your computer and

perform a set of optimization operations designed to reduce your startup time and improve your overall performance.

Keep threats away from your computer The antivirus offers real-time protection against all types of threats, relying on Avira’s renowned engine to obtain its definitions.

Hide your identity online using a VPN app Last but not least, Avira Total Security Suite also includes a VPN application that can anonymize your Internet connection and, therefore, protect your identity when browsing online.

Internet security is ensured by the Windows firewall, which you can access via the antivirus interface to configure its rules.

It allows you to choose between different energy modes to compromise speed and energy savings and includes a large number of tools for file and disk management

(search for duplicates, file destructor, disk defragmenter, etc.

Each of these tools can be installed with Avira Launcher, which is the tool that you really download.

The initiator can install and manage the three applications and the devices on which they are implemented, and also gives access to other products signed by Avira.

Routing traffic through a VPN server means that your true identity is more difficult to track.

recording optimization, network administration, uninstall, backup and recovery software.

In addition, it has several scanning options, giving you the option of choosing the location to scan

(local or removable drives, Windows system folder, My Documents, active processes, etc.)

or simply opting for a quick scan.

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