About 7-ZIP SFX Maker Portable

It is a tool for creating self-extracting EXE files from 7-ZIP files.

You can also change the icons of SFR files using Resource Hacker.

7-ZIP SFX Maker is an easy-to-configure software solution designed to create self-extracting executable files using 7-ZIP files.

While this may seem a little complicated for beginners, 7-ZIP SFX Maker does a good job when it comes to making everything very easy, and the most important thing that contributes to this aspect is the interface.

With a very clean and well organized design, the main window displays all the functionality in tabs, so the configuration task is very simple.

While the “Files” tab displays the contents of any selected 7-ZIP file, the “Dialogs” screen allows you to configure each dialog box that appears throughout the process, including the start request, the path extraction, progress request and cancellation.

Another useful tool is the one that allows you to change the SFX icon, but remember that you also need Resource Hacker to use this function.

In addition, 7-ZIP SFX Maker allows you to control metadata information, while providing dedicated tools to delete the SFX file after extraction, activate XP visual style, start programs after extraction and many others .

Last but not least, 7-ZIP SFX Maker lets you save and load configurations, making it easy to use the same set of options for multiple files, without the need for manual adjustments each time you start the program.

After all, 7-ZIP SFX Maker does what it says, while hiding lots of customization features, all in a clean, well-organized look.

Although it does not provide a help manual, beginners should have no problem finding out how to use the program.

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