1. What is your TAT ?

Usually up to 24 hours after purchase .

2. Keywords works with adsense or amazon or which monetization platform ?

there’s will be keywords for all monetization platform types : adsense , amazon , CPA …etc , if you are interested in custom keyword research also could be done .

3. Do you sell keyword twice ?

Of course NO , once keyword sold it’s marked as sold in my database , and never sold or given for anyone .

4. what payment method do you accept ?

Paypal , and also bitcoin accepted .

5. what is your refund policy ?

No Refund after receiving your report , please check carefully the keyword details before placing your order .

6. your keywords in general will include any seasonal , google places keywords ?

No , any keyword will include continuous google trends curve , and Not limited to certain place .

7. could hire you for private keyword research project ?

Yes , i do keyword research for different online business and different languages .

8. keywords based on which country and language ?

Any keyword based on US country and English language searches , however for custom orders i could do for other countries and languages .

9. Do you sell copyrighted keywords ?

No , but i have some brand keywords related with products and services includes phrases like “review” , which is very profitable keywords , you are totally safe as you long your articles promote them with positive feedback .